Veteran Workers Killed While Doing Their Job

A friend of ours wrote about a sad story concerning two men that were killed while on the job at a DC Metro Railway.  Jeff Garrard, 49, and Sung Duk Oh, 68 were crushed beneath a maintenance truck at around 1:45am on January 26, 2010.  The maintenance truck had four employees inside it when it hit the victims.

Garrard and Oh had over 10,000 hours of experience between them with impeccable track records.  The three-ton truck backing down the tracks in the middle of the night must have come out of nowhere.   While the investigation is still underway as to what happened, one thing is certain:  this accident could have been avoided.

Hopefully, if people read what happened here, they will be a little more cognizant of what is going on around them.  Tragedies like these happen in an instant yet change the path of life forever.

Our hearts go out to the families of the victims.  I want to thank Ross for bringing this article to my attention.


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