Raising Awareness on the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Raising Awareness on the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Raising Awareness on the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Cell phone usage is up and so are the number of wrecks caused by using them.

The Miley Legal Group is trying to make a difference.  They begin by joining a national movement started by Seattle Attorney Jason Epstein titled Teens Against Distracted Driving.  Next they teamed up locally with the Clarksburg Mayor’s Youth Council. The Youth Council felt compelled to make a difference after losing a local student in a single vehicle car wreck linked to texting while driving.  They proposed a resolution to the WV Legislature encouraging creating a law making driving while being distracted by phones and electronic devices illegal.

Tim Miley, attorney and owner of The Miley Legal Group, was moved by the students standing up to make a difference.  The Youth Council had contacted him to sponsor the resolution because Tim is currently serving in the WV House of Delegates as the House Judiciary Chairman.  Tim wanted to do more than that so he donated bracelets to the group for a fundraiser, provided pledge cards for them to disseminate and is sponsoring a drawing for one female and one male willing to take a pledge against distracted driving.

The Miley Legal Group will be presenting the bracelets and pledge cards to the Clarksburg Mayor’s Youth Council on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 5:30pm in the Clarksburg City Council Chambers.

Watch the news story about The Miley Legal Group and the Clarksburg Mayor’s Youth Council working together to raise awareness on the dangers of Distracted Driving


10 Responses to “Raising Awareness on the Dangers of Distracted Driving”

  1. driv Says:

    i think using hp while driiving is not good because is not right with the rightsm haha

    • Car Accident Compensation Says:

      The most recent Garda car accident statistics show there were 28,464 recorded vehicle collisions. 9,758 people were injured due to a car accident in Ireland, 835 of them seriously. A further 279 people died.
      Excessive speeding, fatigue, and alcohol consumption and Use of Cell Phones while Driving are the main causes of Car accidents.
      If you need help visit http://www.caraccidentaid.com/m-car-accident-compensation/

  2. Adonis Henry Says:

    While everyone is focusing on the problem of texting while driving, FDI is focusing on the Solution, FDIVoice and FDI Hands Free. With Kylee, the technology behind FDIVoice and FDI Hands Free, you are able to keep you hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You can send text, emails and call all by voice command.

    • Karen B. Jones Says:

      Hands-free devices may be more dangerous than hand-held because they provide a false sense of security. You think you’re safe, so you don’t bother being extra-cautious. In reality, hands-free devices do not enhance safety at all. It’s the conversation that’s distracting, not the device.

  3. JBR LAw OKC Says:

    I agree with Adonasm hands free communication devices presents a realistic solution to the problem.

  4. car injury Says:

    There are enough statistics and data to prove this is one of the most dangerous things to do while driving … there still seems no end to this problem. I guess the deterrents are just not strong enough ? I handle many car injury cases and come across this problem quite often.

  5. Karen B. Jones Says:

    Good for you! Distracted Driving is dangerous and some of the worst distractions involve cell phone use. I have a blog post on the subject here: http://karenbethjones.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/otherwise-careful-parents-driving-while-using-cell-phones/
    And some free bumper sticker designs on the subject here: http://www.karenbjones.com/index.php?id=155
    Good luck with your efforts to educate people!

  6. Taylor Says:

    Having tried to text and drive myself once. I cant imagine why people continuously do it. I almost crashed the one time i tryed it. It is dangerous to be fousing on anything but driving.

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