Drowsy driving can be deadly

The AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety’s recent study has shown that driving while tired triples your chances of being in a car accident. Another study also found that driving drowsy is at the same elevated risk as speeders and even more dangerous than aggressive drivers or inattentive drivers.

The National Highway Safety Administration collected data by using video recorders and sensors, researchers found that drowsiness was a main factor in one of every five accidents or near accidents. There are around 100,000 police-reported accidents each year. The number of accidents could be attributed to being tired, it is hard to know exactly how many accident occur each year because it is hard to distinguish if the accident was at the fault of a drowsy driver.

There is a reason that in the state of West Virginia drivers from ages 15-17 are prohibited from driving between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am. The most crashes from  drowsy driving or sleep-deprived driving  is from midnight to 6:00 am and in the middle if the afternoon. The middle of the after noon you become drowsy because your natural rhythms tend to start preparing you for rest or sleep.

According to the experts blasting your music and rolling down your window does not help with drowsy driving. Most people will stop and get a cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage when they are feeling sleepy, little do they know is it takes 30 minutes for the caffeine to take effect. The only sure fire ways to avoid drowsy driving are to get plenty of sleep and if you are feeling tired letting someone else drive you home.


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