FAQ: How do you arrive at the value of a personal injury case?

The first thing to know about a settlement value of your case is that it will very from location to location. Meaning if your leg got broken in Minnesota it may cost more to get a cast put on there then in West Virginia. You can not expect that just because your Aunt Vicki in Minnesota got $200,000 for her claim that you would be guaranteed at least $200,000 for your claim. The attorney will gauge the value of your claim by the amount a jury would award to you. An experienced attorney in your area should be able to give you an estimated value. An experienced attorney will be:

  • Taking cases to trial in that jurisdiction.
  • Reading about other verdicts in the legal press (the general media rarely report cases in which no money is awarded.  The general press is interested in news, and for then, news is big verdicts).  The legal press reports both cases that are won and lost.
  • Talking to other lawyers in that area about what their experience has been.

The best way to get an estimated value of a claim is to ask an experienced attorney in YOUR area.


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