Not All Accidents Are Created Equal

Have you ever found yourself driving on the interstate, when all of a sudden a tractor-trailer is closing in on you at frightening speeds? Or even found yourself stuck between two tractor trailers hoping they know you are there?

The fear is justified.  U.S. Federal Highway Administration statistics show that in 2008, nearly 75 percent of the 4,229 fatalities resulting from truck crashes were drivers or passengers in cars that were involved in a collision with a truck. With the average weight of a Honda Accord around 3,300 pounds and a loaded freight carrier or big rig that can weigh in at 70,000 pounds or more, the results of a big truck crash can be catastrophic. 

Most people don’t know that trucking companies often have separate insurance policies representing the tractor, trailer, and the driver.  Since most trucks are owned by large corporations, you are not only fighting them, but potentially several insurance companies as well.  These companies are not looking out for you; they are focused on their own best interests.

If you or someone close to you has been involved in a truck accident, it’s important to contact an attorney with truck accident experience.  An experienced truck accident attorney will:

  • Talk to specialists who know about truck accidents and who might be able to give you information to support your case.
  • Understand your case and be able to fight the insurance companies for a fair settlement for the damages you incurred.
  • Know the law as it applies to this case.  This includes federal and local laws and regulations that apply to insurance and trucking industries.
  • Ensure that the evidence in your case is secured and available to you to support your claim. 

In short, an experienced truck accident attorney will fight for you, help you recover fair and full damages, and get your life back on track. 



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