Pet Peeves: Chicken Jerkey

Mia Skateboard

Hey Friends!  Mia here with the scoop.  A lot has been going on in my life lately – I’ve been learning to skateboard and I even found a couple new toys!  Most recently, I found a turtle.  “Mr. T,” he likes to be called.  He’s just great and a little like a walking rawhide.  Daddy killed my other new toy though.  Maybe you’ve heard of it – it was called a “snake.”  It was long and skinny and it writhed around all on its own like it was playing with me too.  Unfortunately, when Mommy saw it she started screaming, and Daddy came and whacked it with a big shovel.  Oh well.  At least I still have Mr. T… If I can find him again.

Mia & Mr. T


But the bad news doesn’t stop there.  Some of my friends were telling me about these “chicken jerky” treats, and it turns out,

they’re really bad for us dogs.  Some of my canine pals have gotten really sick from eating them.  A lot of dogs have even died from them.

  The jerky treats were manufacture


d in China, and are currently being investigated by the FDA, so until they’ve been officially recalled, watch out for these brands:

  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats, produced by Del Monte Corp.
  • Waggin’ Train, produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co.
  • Canyon Creek Ranch, also produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co.

Human-folks, we pups trust you to protect us and keep us safe and healthy, so please, watch our tails and don’t feed us these treacherous treats.


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